California natives Flynn James and Ralph Merrick began making music circa 2003 under the name The Untouchablez. They made a huge splash with their first track “Spiritual Conception” winning an international Propellerheads music competition in the UK. Over the years, they produced some interestingly complex electronic music which they deemed as “Sophisti-tronica.” Their tracks were more obscure (Flynn coming from an Industrial background and Ralph coming from a Trance/House DJing background) and sounded very fitting for the video game industry. Over the years, Ralph and Flynn’s friendship remained strong and they’d race their cars on the weekends, but life caught up with them and the band inevitably split up.

After a five year hiatus, they decided to reunite in 2015 with a focus on creating more mainstream music without compromising their unique style. Over that time period, they both matured musically and professionally and Starmageddon was born as a result. Starmageddon represents a sonic supernova exploding to life after the death of a star, and their new music is now better than ever.

Out. Of. This. World.